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The "Scopas" hanging lamp is designed by Neil Poulton, one of the designers on the "The Design 100" list made by Time Magazine, honoring the people and ideas behind the design with photos with photos. The most enjoyment today.
 "Scopas" received the prestigious award "International Design Award" held in the US in 2016 and was displayed at 'Gallery of V ; AMP; A Dundee' in Scotland in 2018.
 The shape of "Scopas" is inspired by a space station and is a fictional super weapon that appears in Hollywood's most popular movie series, "Star Wars- War between stars".
 The lamp is designed as an incomplete sphere created by the repetition of simple and empty black and white modules in the center. This is a unique and unique point compared to traditional designs when providing LED light source located directly in single modules.
 In addition, the black and white modules also have a symbolic meaning, they symbolize the struggle between light and darkness, between the good and the evil. And finally all things follow the rules of nature, the light always defeats the darkness, the good always overcomes evil.

Scopas hanging lamp

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