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Mangroves take an important role in protecting our environment, limiting sea level rise and climate change. However, most of us still do not recognize the important role of the mangrove ecosystem, only know a very small part through newspapers or books.

With a strong love and concern about the degradation of mangrove forest and the desire to widely share the problems of this valuable coastal forest ecosystem, young artist Chiron Duong not only brings us to discover the pristine beauty of the mangroves in Vietnam but also the quiet beauty of the late night here through his solo exhibition MIDNIGHT IN THE MANGROVES EXHIBITION taking place at Nam Thi House.

Using Asian materials, strong and vibrant colors, Chiron Duong will lead viewers along his journey, his story and his subtle feelings about the beauty of the mangrove forest. After the exhibition, you will have a different perspective on mangroves, gain a deeper understanding and story of each tree that Chiron Duong wants to convey to us.

CARA Lighting is pleased to cooperate with Chiron Duong in the role of lighting designer for his first solo exhibition. An impressive, artistic and meaningful space that you can't miss.

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