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The lamps from the long -standing brand "Lorenzon, Italy" with the tradition of working with art ceramics have brought products from hanging lamps, table lamps, wall lamps, floor lamps or even accessories. Commonly seen in the interior reaching the world.
 Not only impressed by the product design, but in each work contains passion, enthusiasm and experience skills of specialized artisans. You will feel all when owning any of the smallest products and will be extremely respectful because each work is completely crafted by the hands of each artist, they have seen each work like each work like A brainchild. Therefore, each work from the Lorenzon brand can be said to be unique because of the characteristic of handmade process as well as each work is not merely a work from ceramics but "blown soul" into each work. .
 Each masterpiece from Lorenzon promises to embellish every corner in your living space and bring great emotions to users.


SKU: LL.10/BO/6+6F
  • Lorenzon
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