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Clip hanging lights are designed by two designers Danieeal Debiasi ; AMP; Federico Sandri for Penta brand, Italy. New design with a thin metal plate structure combined with a clip - like a paper clip, the lights like floating in the space by the cable and conductive system have a fixed note to help the lights look streamlined And much more breaking than traditional designs.
 The design brings 2 extremely reasonable and convenient lampshades in the interior application (Ø18cm, Ø40cm), there are 2 extremely easy to match Matt Gold and Matt Black in the same color base with extremely aesthetic base and delicate.
 The lampshade is designed with centralized LED light, the light spreads with high performance but extremely pleasant, does not cause glare thanks to the smart Diffuser Sheet.
 The style as well as the color of the clips hanging lamp is extremely easy to suit many interior styles as well as extremely diverse in the application, which can be suitable for the headboard, kitchen island, dining table, ....


SKU: 1707-24
  • Penta Light
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