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"Timeless Souls: beyond the Voyage" Exhibition

"Lighting solution for artworks is not limited to illumination."

Lighting helps viewers see the soul of each artwork. which lies in the elaborate, meticulous and enthusiastic process that the artist want to convey" - Mr.Thong, Chairman of CARA Lighting.

Recently, CARA Lighting was honored to have the opportunity to accompany with Sotheby's, one of the world's most famous international art auction houses in the exhibition 'Timeless Souls: beyond the Voyage' took place extremely successfully at Park Hyatt Saigon hotel. This event not only marks a milestone as the first exhibition in Vietnam organized by an international auction house, it is also one of the largest Indochinese Art exhibitions ever staged in the country.

the exhibition features over 50 works by Le Thi Luu, Le Pho, Mai Trung Thu and Vu Cao Dam, the four renowned early generation graduates from the École des Beaux-Arts de l'Indochine (EBAI) whom migrated to France in early 20th century. Curated by Ace Lê, an independent art researcher and publisher dedicated to the archiving, research and exhibition of Vietnamese art, these works illustrate the years of these artists living abroad, a narrative that reflect how the maestros channelled their longing for home with familiar subject matters constructed from intricate threads of memories of Vietnam – plants and landscapes, families and rituals, culture and architecture, values and philosophy, while weaving new perspectives from their journey in France.

Lighting also contributes greatly to the success of the exhibition. The exhibition space is divided into four rooms with different colors. Each artist has a different style and expression of colors and materials, so the main difficulty is to bring out the soul of the paintings. We use lighting to honour each work, and each light fixture is carefully calculated in terms of illuminance and angle as well as color temperature for each different painting and space to bring out the best results.

Coming to the exhibition, perhaps each person will have their own feelings, but in general, it is the deep nostalgia in the priceless works that the quartet "Pho – Thu – Luu - Dam" has shown and want to convey to us?

CARA Lighting is very happy to contribute to the process of sharing these excellent works to the public, promoting Vietnamese culture and art through the eye of a group of world-class talented artists from around the world.

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