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Reviving the flow of Zen poetry at the Zen Poetry Week in 2023 in Hue

For generations, Buddhist culture has truly flourished, deeply permeating and profoundly influencing the spiritual and cultural life, as well as the beliefs of the Vietnamese people. Zen poetry stands as one of its pinnacles. It not only helps readers liberate their consciousness and gain insights into the philosophy of human existence, but also vividly portrays the figures of countless generations, homeland, and the nation through each turning point in the history of the people. This is why this genre of literature still exudes vitality to this day. Zen poetry represents the essence of the Zen literary tradition, it is the pearl of the Medieval literature.

(Hình 1 thư mục ảnh "Tuần lễ Thơ Thiền" trong danh mục ảnh "Hoạt động")

In the exhibition space at the Zen Poetry Week in Vietnam in Hue, viewers are introduced to representative Zen poems from the Ly - Tran and Le - Nguyen dynasties through unique hand-written books on large-sized paper, through various editions and the art of bamboo illustrations that carry distinctive artistic tastes and are steeped in the folk art.

In addition to the representative Kệ poems of Vietnamese Zen masters, the exhibition also introduces a number of poems imbued with Zen spirit and Buddhist sentiment from kings, grand dignitaries, and poets of Vietnam across generations. It brings viewers aesthetic emotions, although their perspectives may differ, they all share a common appreciation for the poetic verses entrusted to us, reflecting through the ages.

(Hình 3 và 4 thư mục ảnh "Tuần lễ Thơ Thiền" trong danh mục ảnh "Hoạt động")

CARA Lighting is honored to contribute to the success of a national-scale cultural event on Zen poetry held in Hue, providing lighting solutions. It creates a cultural space deeply imbued with Buddhist values, conveying the beautiful and profound words of our ancestors through classical Zen poetry, and showcasing the vitality of a classical beauty in the contemporary flow."

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