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This was the central theme of the Meet The Experts (MTE) conference organized by Savills Hotels and WeHub on November 1st, 2023 at Melia Hanoi.

The conference brought together over 30 speakers from both domestic and international backgrounds, with more than 700 attendees participating. It featured a diverse range of activities including Market Talks, Key Notes, Panel Discussions, Masterclasses, LED dance performance, and the Hoskar Night.

Through shared activities and discussions among leading experts from various fields, the event addressed numerous issues in the overall real estate landscape and specifically in the resort sector, such as changing market trends and the development potential of resorts. Additionally, there were sessions on Design, Architecture, and Lighting, which provided intangible yet essential energy to the Real Estate & Hospitality industry in Vietnam, particularly in the current period of "refinement".

With over 25 years of experience in the lighting industry, CARA Lighting has been providing lighting solutions for hundreds of Hotel & Resort projects. It was an honor for them to share their expertise and collaborate with other entities in the journey of rejuvenation and advancement for the industry during this event.

In order to vividly and visually illustrate the impact of lighting in Hotels and Resorts to the attendees, CARA Lighting designed an impressive "Light Experience" area with different lighting purposes, including:

  1. Ambient Lighting in guest room - Clean & comfortable

  2. F&B Lighting - Clean, Appealing and Fresh

  3. Lighting for artwork - Enhancing the value of Artwork

This emphasized that: "Perfect lighting is not just about being bright and beautiful; It's also about creating an environment that feels clear, clean and comfortable."

We hope that with our sharing and other partner at the event, we can contribute to re-energizing and promoting development in the Real Estate and Hospitality industry in Vietnam. And once again congratulations on a successful event!

Another image at Meet The Experts (MTE) 2023:

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