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Lotus Gallery -Continuing the 30-year journey

Art is an indispensable part of our life!

Therefore, every moment spent with friends who share the same interest for art, to us, is forever a precious time. Just looking at a beautiful picture, all worries in life suddenly become lighter.

CARA Lighting would like to thank Lotus Gallery for accompanying art lovers during past 30 years. And we would like to congratulate the gallery to continue the journey with a brand new look at Each artwork is treasured, expressing the true spiritual value that the artist wants to bring to us through the lighting solution of CARA Lighting. Besides, the choice of color temperature, angle beam of the lighting system is also carefully considered to bring a comfortable and emotional space to enjoy art for our dearest customers As a result, your art experience will become more unique and interesting than ever.

We hope you, art lovers, will have a complete experience which boasts a unique architecture that we have put a lot of heart into the brand new space of Lotus Gallery at Hope you will find peace and joy in art with us.

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