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LIGHTING FOR THE EXHIBITION “The Faraway East: of Dreams and Pursuits”

Following the success of the first exhibition in Vietnam, titled "Timeless Souls: Beyond the Voyage" and as the centennial anniversary of the establishment of the Indochina School of Fine Arts approaches, Sotheby's returns with the exhibition "The Faraway East: of Dreams and Pursuits," taking place from August 14th to 17th at the Park Hyatt Saigon hotel. The exhibition has attracted thousands of participants and garnered positive signals from the passionate art community in Vietnam .

Continuing to enjoy the trust of Sotheby's, the CARA Lighting team conducted meticulous research on brightness, angles of illumination, color temperature, and lighting for over 50 artworks in distinct spaces. Thanks to these efforts, they have contributed to creating an immersive artistic space brimming with heartfelt emotions and a blend of pride. Visitors have the chance to witness the artistic journey of French painters to Indochina, reflecting the Western influence on the flow of Vietnamese art and, conversely, on various mediums and techniques such as: Silk, Oil paint on boards, Colored woodcuts, etc.

With expertise and over 25 years of experience, CARA Lighting is honored to accompany the artistic community and collectors in celebrating the vibrant artistic heritage of the country on a global stage. Lighting serves as CARA Lighting's medium to express their appreciation to the artists, elevating the value they've created and contributing to showcasing the soul and artistic essence in each artwork.

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