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    “Tolomeo lights are created to go everywhere, place in any place and illuminate any position. On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of its founding, we know that it will never be outdated. Even in the future it will go everywhere, everywhere and work anytime, forever! ” Michele de Lucchi
      A classic design with timeless and space when not only is a normal table lamp but has been upgraded to a multi -sized floor lamp. With Tolomeo maxi body complete structure with luxurious aluminum finish. The lampshade is made of satin silk fabric, which diffuses a gentle light.
      The light also integrates the dimmer mode that adjusts the light level of the light source, serving each space in the most beautiful way.

      Origin: Italy
    • Product Information

      Material: Fabric, PVC, Aluminum, Steel Finish: Aluminum
    • Warranty period

      Warranty for 3 years
    • Delivery Time

      - For available goods: 2-5 days, depending on the specific case.

      - For ordered goods: From 6 - 8 weeks, shipped by air, depending on specific cases. From 14-16 weeks, water transport, depending on specific cases.

    • Download 3D file request

       Download 3D file of product at link

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