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    The collection of "La Lollo and La Lollona" hanging lamps is not only unique about using Slampa's exclusive ingredients, but the design idea behind this lamp is also extremely strange.
      A series of extremely charming hanging lamps woke the image of female singers with extremely outstanding and expensive jewelry accessories under the spotlight.
      That idea has been expressed through the image of the prisms with impressive shades and eye -catching effects arranged alternately around a glowing circle, creating a luxurious chandelier for the whole public place. and private space.
    • SLAMP

      Origin: Italy
    • Product Information

      Material: Lentiflex®, Cristalflex®, Goldflex®, Pewterflex® Finish: Lace, Gradient, Mackintosh, Gold-Fumé
    • Warranty period

      Warranty for 3 years
    • Delivery Time

      - For available goods: 2-5 days, depending on the specific case.

      - For ordered goods: From 6 - 8 weeks, shipped by air, depending on specific cases. From 14-16 weeks, water transport, depending on specific cases.

    • Download 3D file request

       Download 3D file of product at link

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