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    The Guise decorative light collection is made of the most advanced Borosilicate glass, through the research and testing process to get the perfect combination of light and transparency.
      The type of glass used by the Scott lab in Mainz (Germany) has superior durability and bearing capacity, heat resistance, high corrosion resistance, and especially lighter and highly transparent. More than conventional glass.
      The delicate laser engraving on the body of the lamp is completely carved, creating a unique effect when looking at different angles.
      In addition, the lamp is equipped with a special touch switch, helping users to adjust the light by reaching the hand to the lamp without direct touch. An interesting experience for users.
    • VIBIA

      Origin: Spain
    • Product Information

      Finish: Transparent, Black Material: Aluminum, Borosilicate glass
    • Warranty period

      Warranty for 3 years
    • Delivery Time

      - For available goods: 2-5 days, depending on the specific case.

      - For ordered goods: From 6 - 8 weeks, shipped by air, depending on specific cases. From 14-16 weeks, water transport, depending on specific cases.

    • Download 3D file request

       Download 3D file of product at link

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