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The collection of "cocktail" charging table lamp has a special design like its name, bearing the shape of a traditional cup of ear.
  Decorative table lights have 2 basic white/ black tones, easy to mix ; amp; match with many different areas and interior style.
  With indirect lighting effects, not causing glare, the lamp can create the perfect atmosphere for the space of luxurious restaurants, hotels or banquet areas on the terrace, and in the garden of their garden. residential areas.
  Design of delicate and luxurious boxes, suitable as gifts for relatives and friends.
  The switch is on/off and the dimming in the form of touches in the form of touches under the base, causing the texture of the lamp to be seamless and slim.
  • LEDS-C4

    Origin: Spain
  • Product Information

    Finish: Black Material: Aluminum the dimming hiccups adjust the brightness from: 25% = & gt; 30 hours operating 50% = & gt; 18 hours of operation 75% = & gt; 12 hours of operation 100% = & gt; 10 hours operating charging port: USB micro lamp signal will appear blue when fully charged. Charging time: On average, about 12 hours.
  • Warranty period

    Warranty for 3 years
  • Delivery Time

    - For available goods: 2-5 days, depending on the specific case.

    - For ordered goods: From 6 - 8 weeks, shipped by air, depending on specific cases. From 14-16 weeks, water transport, depending on specific cases.

  • Download 3D file request

     Download 3D file of product at link

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