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SKU: 1301-03-06
Design is a combination of traditional glass blowing techniques from Italy and the most advanced LED technology today, perfectly expressing in Klind table lamp.
 The transparent glass bars when turned on look like pure water flowing in the stream, regular and energetic. Add a light source in the center of light providing light, both light sources can be turned off separately.
 Klint table lamp not only brightens but also acts as an impressive and novel decoration for the space of the shelves, study corner or as a basket to remove books that still read bad libraries in the library room area. your house.
  • Brand

    Penta Light
  • Product Information

    Material: Aluminum, Glass Finish: transparent glass, Bronze colored metal frame
  • Warranty period

    Warranty for 3 years
  • Delivery Time

    - For available goods: 2-5 days, depending on the specific case.

    - For ordered goods: From 6 - 8 weeks, shipped by air, depending on specific cases. From 14-16 weeks, water transport, depending on specific cases.

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